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Welcome to my corner of the internet!


I wanted to make a website like the ones I saw in my childhood (I'm only like... 18... but we had an old computer ahaha T-T). Here I'll talk about animals, random trivia, history and folklore, mythology, food (and how to make it), cool music, and movie/show reviews that nobody irl actually wants to hear!

*Note: This is the "front door" to my actual website! You can stay here and look around before jumping to a Portal!(currently under construction! Links are being added everydayT-T)*

Soon there will be a better intro/bio on here, I'm just figuring this whole html thing out first. If you have ANY advice or good resources to learn css/javascript/html (or want to have your pet featured below!!) then please do not hesistate to email me here: ! I greatly appreciate any guidance from the webmasters . Scroll down to meet my gifypet Gary! ^-^

Here's the featured pic of the day... [pretend there's a drumroll here].... an unlikely friendship between predator and prey!!!!!!!


Say hi to my Tamanotchi... Finn! (this name is inspired by my irl pet fish's name) You can click on the buttons and feed them :) We'd both appreciate that very much!

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Portals are being updated right now:

Here's Gary the Cat! His name is also inspired by my late fish. You can say hi, feed him, give him a well deserved shower, and eventually party with him too! He's so cute^-^

Last updated: April 21, 2022